V3Now is a simulated new frontier that can evoke a grandiosity recalling the Age of Exploration or the Wild West. V3Now is a NATURAL RECORDS STUDIOS project, our view is VIRTUAL REALITY is a new way to learn through exploration. V3Now is a place where VR conveys dreams!

LONDON 1888 Daytime...
LONDON 1888 Daytime...
LONDON 1888 Nighttime...
LONDON 1888 Nighttime...

Jack The Ripper – London 1888 VR Environment

During the period of Jack The Ripper murders, the media, police and other officials had received a sea of letters. The Whitechapel Murders had created such a media frenzy that many local citizens found it irresistible to not want to be a part of this sensational investigation.

Some of the letters were sent by concerned citizens offering their support in the ongoing investigation, yet hundreds of letters were written by pranksters – with the intent of taunting police.

Apart from a few well-intentioned letters from Whitechapel citizens hoping to aid police in their efforts to apprehend Jack the Ripper, the bulk of these letters were crass, distasteful or simply worthless.

VR Experience Daytime

VR Experience Nightime

TPS/FPS Experience


V3 Conspiracy Down

An Underwater VR Experience: An exploration on our marine ecosystems. Using handheld controllers, visitors can interact with migrating fishes, sharks and manta rays.

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Conspiracy Down - V3 VR EXPERIENCE!
Conspiracy Down - V3 VR EXPERIENCE!


Underwater Experience

A VR Underwater exploration which invites users to explore a series of marine ecosystems. Using handheld controllers, visitors can interact with migrating fish, sharks, and manta rays.

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Industrial Simulation...
Industrial Simulation...

Industrial Simulation

"Virtual Reality: THE Learning Aid Of The 21st" Century

Throughout time, humans have used visual-based methods to help them remember information - from early cave drawings to modern day video. VR is not only the next logical step but a step in the right direction: research suggests we retain more information and can better apply what we have learned after participating in virtual reality exercises. (Sol Rogers)

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VR Photography

“Uncovering The Pastime” by Smithsonian Artist David Erdek”

An exhibit that takes you into the pursuit of a dream, and through the emotions that must be overcome along the way.

You’ll be immersed in a world of black and white photography, where every room is a work of art that portrays the actual art piece and the sequential path of growing up through baseball in pursuit of a dream.

VR Experience Coming Soon

Uncovering The Past Time!
Uncovering The Past Time!
VR Apartment
VR Apartment

VR Apartment

A short walkthrough on one of our VR environments, A penthouse in New York, this short demo showcases our hyper-realistic 3D environment designs in Virtual Reality.






WASD to Move
Shift to Sprint
F for Flashlight
CTRL to Crouch


"The day would come where computers  would become more and more powerful. Someday trees and skies, creatures and seas. So someday not just "The Garden of Earthly Delights, but Any Garden!" You should be able to make any place and be in it via this device that hung from the ceiling. Plus other people could be in there with you!" (Jaron Lanier)