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“Not very long ago, religion was the only guide to the way the world was perceived. For right or for wrong the various scriptures of theological tradition provided a way of making sense of everything from the miracle of birth to the movement of the stars in the sky. But today we have rational thinking – we have science.” Who Built the Moon? By Christopher Knight, Alan Butler

V3Now is a NATURAL RECORDS STUDIOS project, our view is VIRTUAL REALITY is a new way to learn through exploration, the sole purpose of V3Now is  Education and information accessible to anyone who owns VR Goggles absolutely FREE!

‘My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose but queerer than we can suppose.’ Haldane’s Law put forward by geneticist, J P S Haldane

The journey begins with the discovery of our beloved planet Earth and space travel to learn just how big our universe is, you will see  the Sun, the rings of Saturn. The Antarctica mystery Lakes and more.

V3Now leverages VR for learning by taking you “The Visitor” on virtual trips to different places on earth and the universe. Visitors will get more exposure to what is out there and access knowledge without being limited by physical barriers.

After all, everything in the universe is a probability, it’s only a reality through the eye of the observer.

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‘We choose to go to the moon.’ President John F Kennedy: September 12th, 1962 Once I read  “Who Built the Moon?” by Christopher Knight, Alan Butler I was mesmerized by the significance of the Moon and it’s influence on Earth, most find comfort with the thought that the Moon is just there, nevertheless, in my […]

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